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Official Reports, DCH Submissions and Briefings
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Dear Gordon 2

DCH Interim Response to Green Paper 2007
DCH Interim Response

DCH pamphlet: Dear Gordon - Invest in decent, affordable, secure and accountable council houisng DCH Dear Gordon

New DCH pamphlet - The Case for council housing in 21st Century Britain
DCH The Case for Council Housing in 21st Century Britain

DCH Interim Response to government discussion paper - tell them what you think!
DCH Interim Response

DCH The Case for Council Housing pamphlet produced in 2003. Useful background reading...

LGIU Housing: The Right to Choose pamphlet

Centre for Public Services The Case for the 4th Option for Council Housing report

Listed are some of the key Parliamentry and government reports, DCH's submissions and briefing notes.
DCLG Select Committee
Housing and the Credit Crunch, Feb 2009
Housing and the Credit Crunch report
Uncorrected transcript of oral evidence
DCH evidence

DCLG Select Committee
The Supply of Rented Housing, May 2008
Supply of Rented Housing report
Selected extracts from report
DCH evidence

Housing and Regeneration Bill, November 2007
Housing & Regeneration Bill
Housing & Regeneration Bill
Impact Assessment
Transcript of oral evidence to Standing Bill Committee by Alan Walter, DCH (11 Dec)
See Housing Bill for DCH analysis and response.

Housing Green Paper, July 2007
DCH additional comments on Local Housing Companies
DCH 'Interim Response'
Homes for the future: more sustainable, more affordable Housing Green Paper

The Cave Review of Social Housing Regulation, June 2007
DCLG Press Statement Next steps for new social housing watchdog
Final Report Every Tenants Matters A review of social housing regulation
Executive Summary Every Tenants Matters A review of social housing regulation
Consultation Paper Tenant Empowerment
DCLG Terms of Reference
DCH Response
DCH Issues: notes for meeting with DCLG Cave Review Team 19/02/07

Public Accounts Select Committee
A Foot on the Ladder: Low Cost Home Ownership Assistance, March 2007
Public Accounts Select Committee Final Report

ESRC Research Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion
Hills Review: The Future Roles of Social Housing in England, Feb 2007
ESRC Research Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion Ends & Means

DCLG discussion paper
'Decent Homes to Sustainable Communities', June 2006
DCLG Discussion Paper
DCH Interim Response

ODPM Select Committee
Affordability and the Supply of Housing, June 2006
ODPM Select Committee Final Report
ODPM Select Committee Final Report

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), January 2006
DCH Briefing

Audit Commission
'Financing Council Housing', June 2005
Audit Commission 'Financing Council Housing'
DCH Press Statement
House of Commons Council Housing groupPress Statement

Public Administration Select Committee
'Choice and Voice in Public Services', March 2005
Public Administration Select Committee Final Report
Written Evidence (including DCH)
Oral & Written Evidence (including DCH)
DCH Synopsis of Report

ODPM Select Committee
'Decent Homes' enquiry, May 2004
The influential ODPM Select Committee report (7 May 2004) on 'decent homes'came out clearly in support of an 'investment allowance' to provide the fourth option tenants want. It also heavily criticised the government for being 'dogmatic', said it could see no benefit from seperating housing management from housing strategy...
ODPM Select Committee Final Report
House of Commons Council Housing group Written Evidence
DCH Written Evidence
DCH Suplementary Written Evidence
DCH Oral Evidence
DCH Synopsis of Report
DCH Press Statement
DCH Extracts
DCH Extracts
Guardian article

Public Accounts Select Committee
'Improving Social Housing Through Transfer', March 2003
The PAC took written and verbal evidence and used evidence from the National Audit Office. It found improving homes through stock transfer cost £1300 more per home than if the council was allowed to do the work direct...
Select Committee Final Report
Select Committee Summary of Report
DCH Synopsis of Report

National Audit Office
'Improving Social Housing Through Transfer', March 2003
The NAO research provided the basis of the PAC report above.
Privatised council homes have been massively undervalued leading to big projected surpluses for new landlords
Repairs and improvements through transfer expected to cost nearly 1/3 (£1.3b) more than councils doing the work
Despite the asset stripping and profiteering 17% may not meet the Decent Homes standard
Less than half (43%) of tenants after transfer thought promises had been met or exceeded
National Audit Office Report
DCH Evidence

Audit Commission
'Improving Services Through Resident Involvement', June 2004
The Audit Commission concluded that councils are 'mis-selling' the role of tenant board members...
Audit Commission Report
DCH Synopsis of Report

ODPM 'Blue skies review
'The Way Forward for Housiing Capital Finance', August 2003
The department conducted a 'blue skies' review of housing finance that discussed all of the main DCH demands and proposals.
ODPM Consultation Document
DCH Submission
DCH Submission (on Local Government Bill)