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Press articles for background reading

Articles in the housing press provide essential background reading. Tenants reps and councillors need to see the full picture. Tenants reps should ask their council to pay for subscriptions - they all say they want us to be well informed.
The default to this page is to display all articles for the last six months. Use the Search facility to find articles related to a particular issue/subject. See also DCH Press Statements (that often don't get reported)

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All recent articles (since 24 Mar 2018)
Swindon tenants group Tinkering with Right to Buy rules 23 August 2018 4834
Swindon tenants group No to more council housing stock transfers 19 August 2018 4833
Guardian May's housing cash pledge not enough, council leaders warn 21 July 2018 4832
Inside Housing Council house building is back 26 May 2018 4829
Inside Housing Grenfell survivors saddened and disappointed by Hackitt report 17 May 2018 4828
Morning Star Grenfell families shouldn't have to fight for justice 17 May 2018 4827
Inside Housing Councils call to go further with HRA funding freedoms 12 May 2018 4826 Housing associations Right to Buy pilot will not charge local authorities 03 May 2018 4825
Observer Millenial housing crisis engulfs Britain 29 April 2018 4822
Wordpress Labour's housing green paper. part 2 29 April 2018 4824
Guardian Municipal Dreams, by John Boughton (Review) 29 April 2018 4823
Wordpress Labour's housing green papper, analysis - part 1 24 April 2018 4820
Guardian Britain's housing market broken.Here's how Labour will fix it. 19 April 2018 4819
Inside Housing Labour social housing review 19 April 2018 4818
Inside Housing Labour's plans are a powerful statement but will they work? 19 April 2018 4817
Inside Housing Fixing broken Right to Buy replacements 13 April 2018 4816
Keep our council homes Swindon council's unaffordable housing strategy 27 March 2018 4814
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