'Fourth Option' - investment to improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
Come to Parliament this Wednesday and help step up the pressure
The deepening housing crisis is reinforcing the case for investment in first class council housing. Come to Parliament this Wednesday (Feb 25) to support the House of Commons Council Housing Group's inquiry (12-5pm) and attend the evening meeting (6-8pm Committee Room 10, House of Commons). See below for what else you can do.
End the robbery - ring-fence rents and receipts nationally to fully fund allowances and provide funding to start building new council housing
There's a groundswell of support for the demand that government must end the robbery from tenants rents and council housing receipts. Government has to stop using historic housing debt as an excuse to tax council tenants. All the money that belongs to council housing should now be ring-fenced to fully fund allowances for the management, maintenance, repair and improvement of council homes and estates.
And there's growing calls on government to build a third generation of first class council housing. There is no justification to throw more good public money after bad unconditionally bailing out private banks, builders and landlords. Public money should be invested in public housing providing environmentally friendly homes designed and built to the highest standards with 'secure' tenancies, low rents and an accountable landlord. This is what Britain needs to provide an alternative to the failed private market.
Demand a speedy conclusion to the 'Review of Council Housing Finance' that meets the promise made by government "to ensure that we have a sustainable, long term system for financing council housing". In the meantime insist on a complete moratorium on privatisation or sale of councils homes and land. The bullying and blackmailing of council tenants and loss of council homes through unnecessary demolition and auctions has to stop now!
What else you can do...
Send a message of support to the House of Commons Council Housing group. Get tenants organisations, councillors, trade unions and others to write in backing ring-fencing rents and receipts nationally to fully fund allowances for existing council housing and calling for a big building programme to provide new council housing Encourage tenants organisations and your local authority to submit evidence to the inquiry (there's still time) and distribute the report when it is published Sign up to DCH's 'Five demands for 2009' (online or download) and organise a public meeting, lobby or other protest around the demands Ask your MP(s) to sign Early Day Motion 355 and join the Council Housing group at Parliament Affiliate, donate, and distribute material. Help organise a DCH fringe meeting at union and other conferences
Further information from www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk
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Use the DCH 'HRA Ready Reckoner'. See what your authority would get if government fully funded allowances.

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DCH Initial Submission to government's 'Review of Council Housing Finance