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Sign Up to five demands
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Sign Up to five demands for 2009
See signatures below and add your name
We want to get hundreds of tenants and union reps, councillors and others to sign up to these demands.
Please include your name, organisation, position (if any), Local Authority and email address to receive DCH email broadcasts.
Signatories include...
Will Tierney Trade Unionist Unison
Alison Mcgarry Trade Unionist ITF
Ron Cross Tenant
Wendy Maddox Rep Unison
Sheila Goodwin
John Ranshaw Tenant lincoln tenants panel
Catherine Robinson Local activist Community volunteer
Julie Templeton
Lucy Mercer
Steve 'starlord' Fisher Tenant Starlord Enterprises
Dave Thomas Tenant
Lesley Carty Defend Council Housing
Richard Crawford Other Green Party Candidate, Gravesham
Alan Johnson Chair Bolton green party
Susan Lee
M Zocca
Alan Thomson Committee Member UNISON
Alan Thomson Committee Member UNISON
M. j. Dixon
Chris Gidden Local activist Member-Iona Community Supporter Z2K
Pat Fisher Tenant
James Rogers Sec The Respect Party,Harlow Branch.
Lizzie Woods Trade Unionist PCS
Stewart Smyth Trade Unionist UCU
John Farrar
Maxine Bayliss Hands off Our Queen Caroline Homes
Fred O,donnell Tenant residents4residents northampton
Clive Kiley Tenant Waverley Independent Tenants (WIT)
Eddie Pilling Trade Unionist unison bolton metro branch
Roger Simmonds Rep Unison
Lesley Glaister Trade Unionist Bolton At Home
Vicki Morris Local activist Barnet Community Campaign
Hannah Gyesi Other national blood service
Andrew Macpherson Local activist housing association
Duncan Gallon Trade Unionist PCS
Sid Frisby Tenant
Michael O'flaherty Tenant
Roger Wilkinson Tenant High Peak Community Housing
David King Housing Professional boltonat Home
Ed Doveton Trade Unionist
Margaret King Tenant
Margaret King Tenant
Derek Robertson Other
May Riley Tenant
Susan King Tenant
Robert Fox Local activist
George Melrose Tenant
Davie Thomson Chair Redbraes Residents Association
Michael Carr Tenant Harlow Common Residents Foram
Graham Cobbold Tenant TAP, Cambridge
Graham Cobbold Tenant TAP, Cambridge
Graham Cobbold Tenant TAP, Cambridge
Michael Mcintosh Trade Unionist UNSON retired
Derek Nesbitt Chair Churchway TRA
Lesley Carty Chair Melbourne Rd TRA
Lisa Willers Tenant
Aysen Dennis Local activist Aylesbury campaing group
Peter Huyton Tenant tenant
Peter Huyton Tenant tenant
Peter Huyton Tenant tenant
Peter Huyton Tenant tenant
Peter Huyton Tenant tenant
Peter Huyton Tenant tenant
Peter Huyton Tenant tenant
James Meehan Tenant
Jane Ambrose Tenant
Sylvia West Tenant
Geoff Dennis None
Phil Richards Trade Unionist
Doreen Essen Rep Milton keynes Council
Anita Goldberg Sec 41-43 Belsize Avenue T&RA
Anna Carson Tenant
Geoff Lumley Councillor
Marcus Windle Committee Member Sheffield Law Centre
Jennie Williams Chair CMC Tenants and Residents Association
Joshua H genner Local activist Labour Party
Stephen Hayward Tenant Ex Works Convener {Courtaulds Swindon}
Neil Williams Sec Respect - Milton Keynes
Pauline Wallis Trade Unionist Tenant
Reg Edwards Sec Milton Keynes TU & LP Partnership
Janice Martin Tenant tenant
Simone Webb Tenant Tenant
Clare Winter Tenant Tower Hamlets Defend Council Housing
Vera Shipp Tenant
Robert Hilton Tenant
Micky Patrick Chair Harlow D.C.H.
Gina Todd Tenant Tenant
Stephanie Clark Labour Party, UCU
Ayan Farah Tenant
David Sankey
Joe Heron Trade Unionist FBU
Peter Cummings Trade Unionist FBU
Archie Mckay Trade Unionist FBU
Stephen Boyd Trade Unionist fire brigades union
Jim Quinn Trade Unionist FBU
Hugh Maguire
M Murphy & todd scunthorpe CLP
M Murphy & todd scunthorpe CLP
Christina/ria Hadleigh Tenant Vice chair of Hampshire Ct.&MaltHouse Res./Assoc.
Stephen Robertson Trade Unionist GMB
Stella Hargreaves Tenant Peabody tenant
Henry Nakano Chair Greenwood T.A
David Mitchell Trade Unionist PCS
David Mitchell Trade Unionist PCS
Paul Merry Housing Professional Hackney Homes ALMO
Matthew Stiles Other Labour Party and UNISON (personal capacity)
Margot Lindsay Committee Member southwark DCH
Vilma Tripi Tenant Tenants
Laura Fudge Tenant
Eric Krieger Tenant
Henry Mott Sec Alberta T&RA
Henry Mott Sec Alberta T&RA
Henry Mott Sec Alberta T&RA
Linda joy Allen Councillor Hayes and Harlington Labour Party
Shirley Frost Tenant Westfield & Halfway Action #Group
John Biggs Tenant Gateshead Tenants Forum
Natalie Waghorn Trade Unionist LBHF
Geoffrey Smith Tenant Unite (Amicus Sec) member & council tenant
Brian Williams Tenant Hull Northern Area Housing Board
Laurie Whelan Other Labour Party
Graham Nicholls Tenant L.B.Lambeth Tenants Council Vice Chair
Krissy O'hagan Local activist unison
Liela Ahmed
Fionnulla Vasili Academic open university
Trudy Allen Trade Unionist PCS union
Phil Vasili Tenant
Iain Andrews Trade Unionist Unison Birmingham
Danny Chivers
Peter Dolan Tenant
Brian Barton
Ted Ingilby Tenant BaberghDistrict Council Tenants Forum
Matthew Langley NUT
Evzen Hejnys Tenant GMB
Daniel Nichols Trade Unionist UNISON LFEPA
Ursula Hall Other
Joan Edington Trade Unionist Unite - Amicus Section
Roy Wilkes Trade Unionist NUT
Mark Wareham Trade Unionist UNISON
John Payne
Phil Doran Tenant Industrial Workers of the World
Steve Philbey Local activist saint-just mob
Clive Walder Trade Unionist CWU
Sonya Kassman Tennant
Jenny Kassman Tenant
Paul Neale Trade Unionist FBU
Terry Riley Tenant
Stephen Hack Trade Unionist unite health trade union and Lambeth tenant
Jacqueline Tyler Tenant
Paddy Cosgrove Local activist n/a
Steven Ellis Trade Unionist UNISON
Georgina Boyes Councillor
Ohn Sweeney Committee Member UCATT
Seán Mcgovern Trade Unionist Unite the Union - T&G Section
David Brockett Trade Unionist unite
Joel Kosminsky Trade Unionist TSSA the transport union/Executive Committee
Richard Chilvers Sec Waveney TUC & DCH Ctte
Norman Adams Tenant Northampton DCH
Anita Swingler Trade Unionist Unison
Ben Drake Trade Unionist York City UNISON
Brian Jones Rep UNISON
Brent Huntington Local activist labour party
Roger Robinson Councillor Councillor-Camden Council
John Oshea Tenant kirkbarrow tenants association
Peter Ford Local activist Labour Party
Diana Minns Tenant
Lee Millam Tenant
Martin Hickman Trade Unionist
Bob Leaver Trade Unionist PDS
Sabina Williams Tenant Charlton Kings DMC Rep
Hazel Johnson Sec Caradon Tenants & Residents Forum
Mick Lynes Tenant
Antony Birch Trade Unionist RMT Union
Patrick Campbell Trade Unionist Unite member - Bank of England branch
Phil Johnson Trade Unionist UNISON personal capacity
Carole Swords
Pat Mccourt Trade Unionist Unite the Union
Lesley Stevas Tenant
Katherine Ducali Sec RTF
Patrick Ainley Academic UCU
John Marais Rep Cambridge Housing Management Board
Stephen Atkinson Trade Unionist UNISON
Hilda Adams Committee Member Greenbank TRA
Jimmy Devlin Chair Merseyside Residents Network
Steve Stannard Tenant
Sheila Goodwin tenant
Bill Rogers Rep
William Rogers Rep
David Kelleway Chair South Cambs Against Transfer
Diane Morris Chair Westcroft Estate Tenants & Residents Association
gary armstrong Chair gascoyne2 tra
Anne Glow Tenant
Chris Swinn Tenant Northampton - Defend Council Housing
John Taylor Tenant South Cambs Against Transfer
Alessandra Ferrari Tenant
Michael Brady
Jennifer Horne-roberts Other Barrister-human rights
Patricia Maddocks
Brian Botham lincoln city tenants advisory panel
Martin Wicks Sec Swindon TUC
Petra Jones Tenant
John Holmes Trade Unionist Communication Workers Union
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