'Fourth Option' - investment to improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
Sign Up to five demands for 2009, order new newspaper and
come to Parliament on 25 February
We're facing a total failure of housing policy in a major recession. Now is the time to press home the argument for direct investment in first class council housing.
To kick off 2009 DCH has produced a new eight page newspaper (see details below), is asking tenants, trade unionists, councillors and others to 'Sign Up to five demands for 2009' (online or download) and MPs are inviting supporters of council housing to Parliament on 25 February and have tabled a new Early Day Motion 355.
'Sign Up' to DCH's five demands for 2009
'Sign up' online or download a 'sign up' sheet and take it around tenants, trade unionists and councillors in your area to raise the profile of the campaign.
Come to Parliament on 25 February
The House of Commons Council Housing Group is organising a new inquiry event at Parliament on 25 February (evidence gathering 12-5 and meeting 6-8pm).
Evidence supporting fully funding allowances to councils for the management, maintenance and repair of council housing will be presented to Housing Minister Margaret Beckett and fed into the Review of Council Housing Finance. The inquiry will also examine how to start a big new council house building programme.
Circulate the group's invitation and questionnaire, encourage your council and tenants organisations to submit written evidence and organise a broad delegation from your area to attend to give verbal evidence and support the inquiry on 25 February.
Further information from Austin Mitchell MP, chair House of Commons Council Housing Group, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA mitchellav@parliament.uk.
Order new campaign newspaper to distribute in your area
Eight pages make the case for direct investment and calls on government to ring-fence the national HRA and fully fund allowances to councils at 'level of need'.
ALMOs in Oldham and Warrington proposing to stock transfer underlines the importance of re-uniting the "council housing family" across authorities directly managing their homes and those with ALMOs to secure direct investment for all council housing.
Distribute to tenants, trade unionists and councillors (£20 per 100 / £120 per 1000 copies).
Ask your MP to support this campaign
Ask your MP to sign the new Early Day Motion 355 in Parliament and meet you at Westminster on 25 February (see list of MPs signing old EDM 368 and EDM 136)
Email your MP (use suggested text) and ask organisations and individuals to lobby their MPs too.
DCH conference broad and determined
196 council tenants, councillors and trade union delegates from 51 areas were joined by housing professionals, academics and MPs at the DCH national conference on 25 November 2008, at the University of London Union.
Read more>> - including conference papers and slides (audio tape and report soon).

For background information on the demand for the 'Fourth Option' for council housing and who supports the campaign see www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk

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Check your council's Draft Subsidy Determination online with 'Your Rents & Allowances - Key Facts' and try the DCH 'HRA Ready Reckoner' to see what your authority would get if government fully funded allowances.

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DCH Initial Submission to government's 'Review of Council Housing Finance