'Fourth Option' - investment to improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
DCH responds to new Housing and Regeneration Bill
Government published its new Housing and Regeneration Bill on November 16 and is rushing it through its Second Reading on Tuesday (November 27). Behind the headlines promising 3 million new homes there are fundamental changes in the small print.

What they are proposing (read new briefing)
  Introduce means testing to 'low cost rented housing'

Discriminate against councils building new homes while offering public money to profit-making companies with little protection for either tenants or taxpayers

Transfer key responsibilities from elected Ministers and government departments to an unaccountable regulator

Give the regulator powers to determine criteria for allocating accommodation, terms of tenancies and levels of rent

Break up the national Housing Revenue Account without long-term guarantees for funding council housing

Enable predatory landlords (similar to 'Tenants Choice' under HATs in 1988) to 'persuade' tenants to ballot to transfer their homes and estates.

DCH has rushed out a briefing - including areas for MPs to table amendments to the Bill. We understand the Committee considering the bill will take evidence before Christmas and the bill will then be debated again in January.

Help us break through the soundbites and remind those who mouthed 'warm words' for council housing over the summer of the commitment they made to provide the 'Fourth Option' for council housing. Contact your MP and ask him/her to read this briefing, sign the new Early Day Motion and speak in the debate supporting our arguments.

If your council has retained its homes, has an ALMO or has yet to consult tenants on the future of council housing find out what the latest position is and give tenants support to join this campaign.
Further information from www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk
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Download DCH Briefing
DCH Briefing on Housing & Regeneration bill
Ask your MP to sign the new (Nov 22) Investment in Council Housing Early Day Motion 368 in Parliament and to support our amendments to the Bill (page 8 of briefing)
See list of MPs signing previous EDM 136.
Email your MP and get organisations and individuals to lobby MPs too.

Use the campaign's new model motion

Get your organisation to Affiliate & donate to DCH - we urgently funds to make the case for council housing and oppose privatisation