'Fourth Option' - investment to improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
Tenants condemn robbery from rents and defend secure tenancies
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Check the impact on your council from the latest Draft Subsidy Determination with 'Your Rents & Allowances - Key Facts' and try the DCH 'HRA Ready Reckoner' to see how much your authority would get if government agreed to our demand that it fully funds allowances for management, maintenance and repair of council housing.
The DCH national conference next Tuesday (25 November) will need to respond to the government's recent 'Draft Subsidy Determination' increasing the 'robbery' from tenants' rents by £248 million to £1.83 billion next year, see off the latest attack on our secure tenancies and organise against further attempts to privatise council homes. Can you come?
Defend Council Housing has put an easy to use application on its website. In two clicks "Your Rents & Allowances Key Facts" provides the facts and figures for your authority to help you challenge councillors and MPs to back tenants demanding an immediate end to the robbery. There is also a draft letter for tenants organisations to send in to the CLG by 9 December protesting against the government's proposals..
Come to the DCH conference to join the discussion on what we should demand from the Review of Council Housing Finance, the latest attacks on our secure tenancies, the future of ALMOs, opposing privatisation, campaigning to build new council homes and what kind of tenants movement we need today.
Politicians, civil servants and council officials like to make out that council housing finance is really complicated. But the mystique is a cover to pretend that council housing is 'subsidised' to try and justify means testing and time limited tenancies. In reality they are robbing council tenants - taking a £1.8 billion profit from our rents as well as making money from the sale of council homes and estates!
Help make sure that more tenants, trade unionists, councillors, MPs and others understand the arguments and join the campaign to demand that government ring fences all rents and receipts from council housing to improve existing council homes and estates as an alternative to privatisation and start a massive new council house building progamme.

For background information on the demand for the 'Fourth Option' for council housing and who supports the campaign see www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk

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