'Fourth Option' - investment to improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
200 at inquiry in Parliament make case for council housing
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200 tenants, councillors, officers and trade unionists took part in the House of Commons Council Housing Group's inquiry at Parliament on 25 February. The inquiry - and report to be published shortly - aims to keep up the pressure on Ministers to secure a settlement providing the sustainable future they promised for council housing.
14 MPs heard verbal evidence from 27 delegations - many joint delegations of tenants, councillors and council officers. A large number of MPs were met by constituents during the day. Evidence from a wide range of organisations is still arriving. It's not too late to get your tenants organisation, trade union or council to make a submission.
There was a strong call for an end to the 'robbery' from tenants rents - £1.7 billion this year!
Make sure that tenants and councillors in your area are clear about the arguments. Download and circulate the new DCH newsletter. Read the DCH press statement and transcript of the Westminster Hall adjournment debate in Parliament (also on 25 Feb).
Spend two minutes now. Please ask your MP to sign the Early Day Motion Council House Building (EDM 355) and joins the Council Housing group at Parliament to show their support. Email your MP here (use suggested text).
The Council Housing group intends to produce a report to submit to Housing Minister Margaret Beckett and has asked to meet Gordon Brown. Bulk order copies from Austin Mitchell MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA (£10).
What else you can do...
Get tenants organisations, councillors, trade unions and others to pass resolutions backing ring-fencing rents and receipts nationally to fully fund allowances for existing council housing and calling for a big building programme to provide new council housing (send DCH a copy) Encourage tenants organisations and your local authority to submit evidence to the inquiry (there's still time) and distribute the report when it is published Sign up to DCH's 'Five demands for 2009' (online or download) and organise a public meeting, lobby or other protest around the demands Ask your MP(s) to sign Early Day Motion 355 and join the Council Housing group at Parliament Affiliate, donate, and distribute material. Help organise a DCH fringe meeting at union and other conferences
Further information from www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk
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Use the DCH 'HRA Ready Reckoner'. See what your authority would get if government fully funded allowances.

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