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Press Release Government advisor joins lobby for council housing 08 July 2020
Press Release Social Housing Commission launch - the future for council housing 06 January 2019
Email Broadcast Budget day action for homes and Summit 25 November 11 November 2017
Email Broadcast Justice for Grenfell: safe homes for all 20 June 2017
Press Release Protest demands justice for Grenfell 15 June 2017
Press Release Tenants die when landlords don't listen 14 June 2017
Email Broadcast A chance to vote for council housing 04 June 2017
Press Release Advance notice: 12 noon 25 May 16 May 2017
Press Release We demand Homes@Heygate 18 April 2017
Email Broadcast Opposition Summit 22 October against Housing Act 19 October 2016
Email Broadcast Opposition Summit 22 October against Housing Act 16 October 2016
Email Broadcast Join the action as Government stalls on housing 20 September 2016
Email Broadcast Council housing key to housing crisis - national meeting 23 July Manchester 13 July 2016
Email Broadcast Summit plans next steps to resist Bill and defend homes 19 May 2016
Email Broadcast Fight for Homes@Parliament 3 May 30 April 2016
Press Release Advance Notice: HOUSING BILL Protest outside and inside Parliament 3 May 12-7pm 29 April 2016
Email Broadcast Housing Bill - join growing opposition 12 April 2016
Email Broadcast Opposition to Housing Bill gathers for 13 March national demo 02 March 2016
Email Broadcast Kill the Housing Bill - campaign gathers strength 31 January 2016
Email Broadcast Kill the Housing Bill - protest 5 January parliament 03 January 2016
Email Broadcast Kill the Housing Bill - protest 5 January parliament 02 January 2016
Email Broadcast Kill the Housing Bill - protest 5 January parliament 19 December 2015
Press Release Kill the Housing Bill demonstration called 15 December 2015
Email Broadcast Organise against the NoHousing Bill 24 November 2015
Email Broadcast Protest at 'No Housing' Bill 2nd Nov at Parliament 26 October 2015
Email Broadcast Join united campaign for council housing 12 October 2015
Email Broadcast Council housing top priority 26 September 2015
Email Broadcast Resistance grows to new Government proposals 31 July 2015
Email Broadcast Housing summit organises against raid on council housing 06 June 2015
Email Broadcast Housing and Benefit campaigns build 13 June Summit 24 May 2015
Email Broadcast Tenants and housing summit 13 June 26 April 2015
Press Release March for Aylesbury - refurbish don't demolish council homes 08 March 2015
Press Release Focus E15 campaign to lead thousands marching against housing crisis 22 January 2015
Press Release March for Homes growing fast 07 January 2015
Press Release All we want for Homes we can afford 19 December 2014
Email Broadcast Action spreads for Council housing 06 November 2014
Email Broadcast Protest grows to demand more Council Housing 05 October 2014
Email Broadcast Pressure grows for council housing to tackle housing crisis 09 September 2014
Press Release Minister Pickles calls council estates 'brownfield' sites 08 July 2014
Email Broadcast Demand our alternative - Council housing! 18 June 2014
Email Broadcast A Tenants Manifesto 04 June 2014
Email Broadcast New DCH paper demands 'drop the debt' 14 March 2014
Press Release UN Report condemns Bedroom Tax and supports council housing 03 February 2014
Email Broadcast Organise against Stock Transfers in 2014 22 December 2013
Email Broadcast Stop privatisation - invest in Council Housing 07 November 2013
Email Broadcast 21 September 2013
Email Broadcast Call on Landlords to act against Bedroom Tax 12 June 2013
Press Release United call to stop benefit war 09 May 2013
Email Broadcast Tenants demand united action to stop benefit cuts 28 April 2013
Press Release Latest Council takes action on Bedroom Tax 04 April 2013
Press Release Benefits Campaign escalates as 1 April cuts bite 31 March 2013
Email Broadcast Scrap Bedroom Tax - build Council homes 27 March 2013
Email Broadcast Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts protests growing 18 March 2013
Press Release Benefits Opposition unites in London 9th March 06 March 2013
Email Broadcast Tenants build Summit against benefit cuts 24 February 2013
Press Release Blow to Welfare Reform boosts Benefit Justice campaigners 13 February 2013
Press Release Benefit Cuts opposition grows as MPs and union leaders back 08 February 2013
Email Broadcast National Campaign for Benefit Justice launched 30 January 2013
Email Broadcast Campaign against Bedroom Tax demands Benefit Justice 13 January 2013
Email Broadcast Tenants campaign for Benefit Justice 02 January 2013
Email Broadcast Tenants and Trade Unions on March 20 Oct 17 October 2012
Press Release Shadow Minister calls for 'Renaissance in council housing' 03 October 2012
Email Broadcast 28 September 2012
Email Broadcast Unite to stop attacks on council housing 27 August 2012
Press Release Councils and tenants reject land- and homes-grab proposal 20 August 2012
Email Broadcast No means test for Council Housing 12 June 2012
Email Broadcast Step up Fight for Council Housing 02 June 2012
Press Release Benefits Protest at Freud 23 May 24 May 2012
Email Broadcast Benefits Protest at Freud 23 May 18 May 2012
Email Broadcast Map Councils rents and tenancies changes 06 May 2012
Press Release Minister challenged on forcing up rents 24 April 2012
Email Broadcast Rent and Right to Buy policies threat to tenants 12 March 2012
Press Release Housing Emergency launch condemns 'social cleansing' of tenants 22 February 2012
Press Release Campaign resists benefit cuts and evictions 15 February 2012
Email Broadcast Campaign against huge rent rises and threats grows 05 February 2012
Email Broadcast Housing Emergency - Time for an Alternative 29 January 2012
Press Release Riot Eviction Halted by Campaign 20 January 2012
Email Broadcast Opposition to huge rent rise growing 15 January 2012
Press Release Tenants 72% vote against privatisation 04 January 2012
Email Broadcast All-out assault on council housing 04 December 2011
Email Broadcast Localism cuts to Council Housing 08 November 2011
Email Broadcast National protest at Parliament 15 November 24 October 2011
Press Release Protests reject means testing for council housing 29 September 2011
Email Broadcast Tenants take campaign to party conferences 24 September 2011
Email Broadcast Defend tenancies and stop evictions 18 September 2011
Email Broadcast TUC meeting and new DCH paper 12 September 2011
Email Broadcast TUC Join Tenants to demand Council Housing 05 September 2011
Press Release Riots: council tenants should not be scapegoated 18 August 2011
Email Broadcast Tenants should decide future of ALMOs 23 July 2011
Email Broadcast Tenants Conference calls for joint campaign 24 June 2011
Email Broadcast Tenants step up pressure - Join 26th march 19 March 2011
Email Broadcast Tenants demand MPs oppose Localism Bill attacks 16 May 2011
Email Broadcast Local and national campaigns meet 7 May in London 10 April 2011
Email Broadcast Government lies and spin to conceal tenants anger 06 March 2011
Press Release HOUSING EMERGENCY - mass lobby and protest 15 Feb 11 February 2011
Email broadcast Support grows for tenants protest at Parliament 15 Feb 24 January 2011
Email broadcast Mass lobby to stop attacks on tenants 02 January 2011
Press release Housing Emergency Cardboard City comes to Downing Street 13 December 2010
Email broadcast New Government Threats - Tenants Fight Back 05 December 2010
Press release Housing Emergency: Opposition Grows 03 December 2010
Press release Short-term tenancies plan unworkable 22 November 2010
Press release Join tenants protest at Parliament 9 Nov 06 November 2010
Email broadcast Cuts will have devastating impact on council housing 24 October 2010
Press release Ken Livingstone and Councils back Campaign for secure tenancies and rents 19 October 2010
Email broadcast Lobby of Parliament - Hands Off Council Housing 04 October 2010
Email broadcast Council housing lobby at Party conferences 20 September 2010
Email broadcast Defend secure tenancies – No Means Test 06 September 2010
Press release Tenants protest at Prime Minister's threats 04 August 2010
Email broadcast National Meeting 10 July in Sheffield 05 July 2010
Email broadcast What's Next for Campaign - national meeting 10 July 13 June 2010
Email broadcast Sign up to Manifesto for Council Housing 17 May 2010
Email broadcast Council Housing Reforms Must Guarantee Funding 28 March 2010
Email broadcast Conference launches Manifesto for Council Housing 14 March 2010
Press release MPs demand action on council housing finance reforms 08 March 2010
Email broadcast Conference to review delayed reform announcement - Exhibition etc 21 February 2010
Email broadcast Book Now for DCH national conference 19 March 10 January 2010
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