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Signatories to DCH Campaign Statement
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Campaign Statement
We want to get hundreds of tenant reps and union stewards to sign this statement.
Read the list of signatures below and Add your name (you have to register first)
Please include your name, Organisation, Position and local authority (in brackets)
"We oppose New Labour's drive to privatise council housing. Decent affordable housing is an essential component of a comprehensive welfare state. Privatisation (stock transfer, PFI schemes, etc) reduces accountability, leads to increased rents, more public money being siphoned off into consultant and management fees, telephone number salaries and profits for the, so called, 'partners' and is 'Bad Value'.

We deplore the fact that councils are being prevented (by legal and financial constraints) from adequately maintaining and improving council housing - we demand the government immediately change from PSBR to GGFD to allow councils to borrow at cheap rates of interest. It is accepted that around £20billion is required to clear the backlog of work. In its desperation to pursue privatisation the government is now bribing councils with a budget of £12billion to write off capital debts if they agree to transfer homes.

We demand that this £12billion, along with the proceeds of 'Daylight Robbery' and a part of the massive government budget surplus should be made available to enable local authorities to carry out a major programme of council housing improvements for the benefit of tenants and the homeless.

We call on council tenants, local authority trade unions and others to unite to defend the future of council housing and oppose privatisation in any form."

Signatures already include...
Tony Benn MP
Lynne Jones MP
Austin Mitchell MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP
John McDonnell MP
Alan Simpson MP
John Cryer MP
Dianne Abbot MP
Tommy Sheridan MSP
Alf Chandler, Chair and Cora Carter Secretary, TAROE (Tenants & Residents Organisation of England)
George Brumwell, Gen.Sec. UCATT
Jean Geldart, Chair. UNISON Local Government Service Group Exec
Pat Simms, Chair. Ashfield Fed of Tenants & Residents Assoc
Jean Kysow, Chair. FELTRA (Lewisham Fed)
Geoff Martin, Convenor London Region UNISON
Roy Dunnett, Pres. GMB London Region
Tony Barnsley, Br Officer, Sandwell UNISON
Clive Peace, Sec. Cambridge Tenants Against Privatisation
Ged McGuiness, Chair., John Davies, Treasurer and Pat Maddocks, Co-ordinator, Liverpool Fed
Richard Buckwell and Chris Nicholls, Joint Br Sec., Ashfield UNISON
John Rutherford, Chair, Ashfield UNISON
Martin Allen, Br Sec GMB Sutton in Ashfield
Cllr. Mat Carey (Labour Ashfield)
Ivan Moldawczuk, UCATT EC (Midlands)
George Slack, Chair. Coxmoor TRA (Notts)
B. Jacks, Sec. Avenues TRA (Kirkby in Ashfield)
Charlie Cochrane, UCATT EC (Scotland)
Alan Walter, Chair and the Committee of Peckwater Estate TA (Camden)
Richard Searle, Convenor Manchester UNISON Housing Stewards
Richard Smallman, Chair. Daylight Robbery Campaign
Dave Anderson, Coventry DCH
John Marais, Co-Sec. Daylight Robbery Campaign and Chair. South Mobery Res. Assoc (Cambridge)
Martin Powell Davis, Sec. NUT Lewisham
Chris Murphy, UCATT EC (London & SE)
Mark Weeks, Tower Hamlets Stop the HARCA (Tower Hamlets)
Cllr. Jarman Parmar (Labour Lewisham)
Darius Sokolov, Cttee Member, Finsbury Est TRA (Islington)
Shirley Howard, Derby Area of Customer Panels/TAROE EC
John Calderon, Chair. and the EC of FOHTRA (Hackney Fed)
John Thompson, UCATT EC (North West)
Frank Shepherd, Secretary, Newcastle Tenants Federation
Shirley Frost, Sec. Shiregreen Action Group (Sheffield)
Mike Greenhalf, Sec. UNISON N.E. Derbyshire
Caroline Dyer and A. Boateng, FELTRA workers
Petra Dando, Chair. Wendling TRA (Camden)
Bobbie Wason, Secretary and Spencer Ellis V. Chair, Hounslow Federation
Jim McCluskey, UCATT EC (South West)
Tania McCardle, Sec. Catford SWP
Noel Pine, Br. Sec. Tameside UNISON
Cliff Williams (ex Clay Cross Councillor)
Jessica Leach, Steve Romney, Dave Flemming and Malcolm Cadman, Save Our Homes (Pepys Estate, Lewisham)
Frank Fletcher, Sec. BATRA (Bolton Fed)/ Ass Sec TAROE
Louis Loizou, Chair. Monmouth & Alpha Ct TA (Camden)
Dai Roberts, UCATT EC (Wales)
Ian Ritchie, Chair. SGTO Management Cttee (Southwark Fed)
Steve Hurran, SGTO/Greenwich Housing Rights Worker
John Mulrenan, Ass.Sec. Southwark UNISON
Gary Cummins, Convenor. Southwark Housing Stewards Committee
Geoff Lane (Housing Professional)
Martin Fallon and Chris Heffernan, Lewisham Tenants Council (workers)
John Cowley, Sec. and the Committee of Camden Sq TA (Camden)
Cllr. Ron Stockbridge (Labour Lewisham)
Cllr. Ian Page (Socialist Party Lewisham)
Saad Hussain, V. Chair., Chicksands TA (Tower Hamlets)
Eddie O'Dwyer, Chair. Hardington & Belmont TA (Camden)
Steve Taylor, TGWU Steward, Keith Oddy, AEEU Senior Steward and Gary Bedford, UCATT Senior Steward, Sandwell DLO
Pernille Cauchi, UNISON Steward, Sandwell
C Ford, V Chair, Kensington & Chelsea TMO
Hannah Baneth, FELTRA and TAROE EC
Carol Wang, Chair. Maitland Park TRA (Camden)
A McKevitt, Con. Runcorn Fed
David Rock, UCATT Convenor Dudley MBC
Martin Allen, Br Sec GMB Sutton in Ashfield
Cllr. Chris Butler (Labour Selston)
Martin Powell Davis, Sec. NUT Lewisham
Ann Atherton, DMC Rep. Bacton Tower TA (Camden)
Frank Shepherd, Secretary, Newcastle Tenants Federation
George McKee, Chair. Edinburgh Tenants Federation
Andy Wisehart, Chair. Holyrood Loch-view RA
E.L.M. Ward, Sec. UCATT, St Budeaux (Devon)
Stewart Emms, Regional Organiser, UCATT Hull
Sue Edwards, Manchester UNISON Housing Steward
John Higginbotham, Manchester UNISON Housing Steward
Vic Florence, UCATT Senior Steward. Amber Valley Borough Council
George Barnett, UCATT Steward Wolverhampton Borough Council
S Parker, UCATT Steward, Wolverhampton Borough Council
Andy Thurstance, UCATT Senior Steward, Cannock Chase District Council
Alan Knight, UCATT Senior Steward, Stoke on Trent City Council
Grenville Taylor, UCATT Convenor. Leicester City Council
Martin Boonham, UCATT Senior Steward, Leicester City Council
Ron Burrell, UCATT Senior Steward. Lincoln City Council
T Jones, UCATT Senior Steward. Shrewsbury & Atcham Council
Peter halford, UCATT Senior Steward. Redditch Borough Council
A. Bradley, UCATT Senior Steward. Erewash Borough Council
P Ward, UCATT Senior Steward. Trentforce (E.Staffs Borough Council)
G Webster, UCATT Steward, North East Derbyshire Dist. Council
Bob Yeomans, UCATT Senior Steward. Derby City Council
Roger Bannister, Sec. UNISON Knowsley Branch
Cllr. Ernest James (Camden)
Cllr Sybil Shine (Labour, Camden)
Pat Gross, Chair. Tybalds Close TA (Camden)
Sadie Allen, DMC Rep. Camden Sq TA (Camden)
Irene McCready, Chair Kenistoun & Willingham TRA (Camden)
Jack Richardson, Chair. Agar Grove Est TA (Camden)
David O'Brien, Chair. St Johns RA (Camden)
John Loughran, Chair. Ingestre Rd Est TA( Camden)
Matthew Farrand, Rep/Steward. Unison
Christopher Parr, Sec. Hands Off Our Homes (Cambridge)
Diane Norton, Chair. TASC and Committee Member. Wycombe Hand Off Our Homes
Paul Heron, Chair. Banister House TA
Margaret Sharkey, Individual Member, UCATT Research
Leon Greenwell, Rep/Steward. EDETRA
Floyd Major, Rep/Steward. T&GWU
J McIntyre, Secretary and T. Ellerby Chair. UCTT UC173 Scunthorpe Branch
Barbara Maclure, Committee Member. Wycombe Hands Off Our Homes
Emmerson Anthony, Committee Member. Wycombe Hand Off Our Homes
Lynda Spence, Chair. Scottish Tenants Organisation
Richard Morse, Sec. Torfaen Trades Union Council
Sam Chambers, Individual Member SWP
Tom Whittaker, Chair.Lameass Student
Mark Tindley, Rep/Steward, Haringey UNISON
Bill Gill, UCATT North West Region FTO
Cllr. John Foden, Rotherham MDC (Labour)
G. Hydes, Branch Pres. UCATT Rotherham
Thomas Rene, Individual Member. Socialist Worker Party
A. Biggin, Secretary, UCATT Sheffield
Janet Cameron, Sec. Glasgow Campaign Against Housing Stock Transfer
Bill Cawley, Chair. EMU
Sean Cullen, Secretary UCATT Harlesden UG115 Branch
Monica Wilson, Treasurer, Precinct Forum & Beech Court T.A.
Janet Gregory, Secretary, Chapeltown TARA
Sarah Sanford, Secretary, TGWU 1/460 branch, Ipswich
Ian Pope, Secretary, Southend Trades Union Council
Phil Jones, Steward, Gloucester City UNISON
Simon Midgley, Chair. Chesil Bank TRA
Mandy Berger, Convenor, Camden UNISON Housing Stewards
Duncan Brown, Committee Member, Glasgow Campaign Against Stock Transfer
Heather Jones, Secretary, Walsall Defends Council Housing
Mike Lawless, Secretary, Bredbury Green TA
Ben Rickman, Secretary and Pete Firmin Chair, Brent Trades Union Council
Brian Butterworth, Secretary, Brent UNISON
Dave Statham, Pres. GMB Holborn Branch
Anne Keane, Chair Southwark Pensioners Forum
S. Campbell, Sec. North East Pensioners Assoc
T. O'Rourke, Retiring Pres. National League of Blind & Disabled
James Feery, Chair. Poets Corner TA (Sheffield)
Cllr. Trevor Davies, Leader Traditional Labour Group, Owestry, (Shropshire)
Tony Mason, Treas. SHOUT (Shiredale Tenants) Manchester
Bernadette Gallagher, Steward, Bolton UNISON
Ernest Kelly, Vice Chair, TAROE
Lawrence Fells, Chair. Goldthorpe TARA
Ann Mardy, Chair. and Anne Saxon Sec. HGRA, Barnsley
J. Bryan, Housing Convenor, Bolton UNISON
Lance Vinter, Publicity Officer, Suton Tenants Federation
Chris Cronogue, Chair. Hand in Hand TRA, Leciester
Ray Harris, Chair. Disabled Tenants Group, Southampton
M. Pride Sec. and Cath Murphy TRA Rep, BFTRA, Retford
PJ Corrie-Massey and Sue Rawlinson, Stockport Tenants Federation
Stephen Large, Tenants Rep and Eric Wedge, Co-ordinator, URAT, Hull
C. Whiteley, Chair. KFTRA, Huddersfield
Danny Morriarty and Rachel Powell, Committee Members, KFTRA, Huddersfield
L. Case, Chair. LHF Assoc, Sheffield
Paul Wilcox, Sec. Carlisle Socialist Party
Don Dolby, Committee Member. Hands Off Our Homes
Craig Russell, Steward, Durham UCATT
Phil Jones, Co-ordinator. Gloucester City UNISON
D. Knight, Sec. Waltham Forest UNISON Branch
N.Clark, Vice Pres. Southampton Trades Union Council
C. Clarricoates, Shop Steward, York UNISON
Brian Mulvey, Sec. Leeds UNISON Branch
Nicola Field, East Dulwich TA Cttee Member (Southwark)
Ali Ballie, Chair. Gloucester Grove TA (Southwark)
Ian Ritchie, Retired Members Sec. Southwark UNISON
Helen O'Brien, V. Chair. Elephant Community Forum (Southwark)
Cllr. Chris Claridge (Southwark)
John Mulrennan, Ass. Sec. Southwark UNISON
Gary Glover, Sec. SGTO (Southwark Tenants Org)
Tony O'Brien, Convenor. Southwark Building DLO Stewards
Linda McCallum, Chair. Gamages TA (Camden)
Ron McBrain, Chair. Taplow TA (Camden)
Berryl Allen, Chair. Bourne Estate TA (Camden)
Bruno Imerini, Chair. Red Lion Sq. TA (Camden)
Fran Heron, Chair. Ampthill Sq TA (Camden)
B.K.Brookener, CASP (Camden)
P.N. Kelly Chair Lymington Road TRA (Camden)
I. Prindedal, DMC Rep, Winston TA (Camden)
Stan Freed, DMC Rep, Sidmouth Mews TA (Camden)
Danny Paul, Chair. Bayham Place TA (Camden)
Pauline Alexander, DMC Sub, Godwin & Crowndale TRA (Camden)
Ann Stannard, Chair and Maria Smart, Treas. Ossulton TRA (Camden)
Angie Pybus, V. Chair. Balby West TARA (Doncaster)
Vera Bougham, Chair. Balby Bridge TARA (Doncaster)
Sid Bernard, Sec. Higfields TARA (Doncaster)
Moira Hood, Sec. Doncaster Federation of Tenants
Steve Stevenson, Birdwood TA (Deal)
Eileen Ridgway, Chair. North Peckham TA (Southwark)
Michael Ball, V Chair. Vauxhall Forum (Lambeth)
Justine Gordon-Smith, Chair. Ilex House TRA (Islington)
Sheila Beecham, TA Rep, Crouch Hill (Islington)
Anthony Bishop, South Beds Against Council Housing Privatisation
D. Martin, Sec. UNISON TVU Branch
Oliver New, Pres. RMT London Transport Regional Council
C. June, Sec. Ealing Trades Council
Roy Bleasdale, Convenor UNISON Knowsley Housing Shop Stewards
D. Kennedy, Sec. Meadow Row Tenants Assoc (Southwark)
Steve Cowan,Sec. UNISON Richmond-upon-Thames
Mike Tuker, Sec, UNISON Southampton District
Andy Belfield, Sec. UNISON Nottingham City
Martin Gregory, Sec. UNISON Oxford City
D Martin, Sec. UNISON Thames Valley University
G June, Sec. Ealing Trades Council
John Nicholson, Former Chair of Housing Manchester City Council
Cllr.Geraldine Corry, (Lib Dem, Berkampstead)
Donald Crook, Chair. Common Estate TRA Newton-le-Willows (Merseyside)
D Kennedy, Sec. Meadow Row TRA Rockingham Street (Southwark)
M Boisah, Gloucester Grove TA Peckham (Southwark)
Cllr. David Williams (Labour Birmingham Selly Oak)
Paul Maurins, Member. MSF
Pernille Cauchi, Committee Member. Walsall DHC
Sidney Wilkes, Member. UNISON
Piers Corbyn, Chair. Alvey Tenants & Leaseholders Association
Alun Hills, Rep/Steward. Cardiff County Council UNISON
Harry Girling, Committee Member. Triangle Residents Association
Hepworth Brian, Rep/Steward. UNISON
Colin Patient, Member. UCATT
Jon Clark, Rep/Steward. UCATT (Plymouth)
Jim Jepps, Chair. Eastern Region Socialist Alliance
Clifford Brewin, Sec. Trafalgar Estate T&RA
Paula Davies, Member.
Marilyn Jones, Sec. Cossall T & RA
John Jones, Committee Member. UCATT Regional Council
David Allott, Treasurer. Darlington Grove TARA
Lyn Ralph, Chair. Doncaster Federation
J Liversidge, Member. Doncaster Federation
S Cooper, Member. Doncaster Federation
D Thompson, Member. Doncaster Federation
R Ezard, Member. Doncaster Federation
J Darbishire, Member. Woodlands Model Village (Doncaster)
T. a. Hopkinson, Member. Woodlands Model Village (Doncaster)
T Hopkinson, Member. Woodlands Model Village (Doncaster)
D Williams, Member. Woodlands Model Village (Doncaster)
E Tait, Member. Woodlands Model Village (Doncaster)
Peggy Trotter, Chair. Trafalgar Estate T&RA (Carcroft, S.Yorks)
Peter Wright, Councillor. Liberal Democrats (Manchester)
Dave Parks, Member. Exeter Left
Steven Cox, Councillor. Labour Party
Richard Howe, Sec. Shefford & District Labour Party
Ian Elcoate, Sec. NATFHE, Tees Valley Area Committee
Eric Woolsey, Councillor. Rushcliffe Borough Council Labour Group
Nick Long, Rep/Steward. GMB
Andy Wright, Councillor. Labour Harrogate
John Sullivan, Councillor. Labour, Harlow Dist Council
Mark Taylor, Sec. Trimsaran Branch Labour Party
Steve Coghlan, Member. South Beds Against Council House Privatisation
Paul Robinson, Councillor. Staffordshire moorlands council
Steve Bond, Committee Member. Tenants Co-operative
Margaret Winter, Member. tenant
Patrick Kerry, Steward. Bradford Council
kim mclachlan, .
Edwina Toner, Chair. T.A.B. INI Community Assoc
Joanne Earthrowl, Member.
Robin Sen, Member. AWAZ
bob stevens, Member.
Gary Kelly, Member. Glasgow Campaign to Defend Council Housing
Glynn Thomas Michael, CommitteMember. Halton Tenants Federation
Floyd Major, Convenor. Transport & General Workers Union
Frank Ormston, Member. York Socialist Alliance
George Riseborough, Member. Broad Left Against Blairism Prospective Parliament
David Hart, Member.
margot Lindsay, Member.
Philippa Willitts, Member. n/a
P Bailey, CommitteMember.
gwen sanderson, Member. tenant, leeds city council
Kay Devito, Convenor. London Borough of Greenwich
Ron Harvey, Member. Green Party Housing Group
Andrea Robson, Member. Retired member-Unison
Bob Wood, Secretary. Leeds Central CLP
Kay Devito, Convenor. UNISON
Jason Whitelegg, Member. MSF London Housing Branch
Roy Coles, Rep. Unity in Sheffield
Tony Kelly, Member. Socialist Labour Party
Arwyn Woolcock, Member. Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council
alex Porter, Member. Scottish Socialist Party
Robert Leadon, .
Tony Sullivan, CommitteMember. Harlow Socialist Alliance
ann morgan, Steward. msf 199 (not-for-profit sector)
Nial Casselden, Councillor. Liverpool JM University NUS
Sean Wallis, Member. Haringey Defend Council Housing
Terry Durrant, Rep. Black Country Socialist Alliance
Owen Meharry, Secretary. Glasgow Campaign to Defend Council Housing
Mike Dailly, Member. Housing Solicitor, Glasgow
Rob Hunt, Member. Housing Researcher and Lecturer
steve wilkinson, CommitteMember. unison, Publicity Officer
Steve Whittemore, Member. North Lincolnshire UNISON
Irene Edge, .
Elaine Graham-Leigh, Member. Green Party
Mark Hellowell, Member. The PFI Report
Simon Midgley, Secretary. Chesil Bank TRA, KFTRA Man.Com.
Jim Hiom, Member. Unison
Ruth Arundell, CommitteMember. Tillstone Street Residents Association
brian wilson, Chair. northsheffieldactiongroup
barrie ray, Member. leamore residents assoc.
Conan Bertram Norton, Member. council tenant
Andrew Mahoney, Secretary. Leopold Estate Tenants & Residents Association
Rob Crowther, Steward. UNISON
Paul Amann, Rep. UNISON
Gabriel Payne, Member. none
Pete Thorpe, Member. Unison
Patrick Kerry, CommitteMember. Bradford Unison
David White, Councillor. Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
Rose Conroy, Rep. GMB London Region
Adrian Jones, CommitteMember. T&GWU Walsll MBC Branch
Steve Wooton, CommitteMember. Communication Workers Union
Diane Green, .
mike powell, Member. swp
Lucy Cox, Member. William Dunbar TA (South kilburn Estate)
Tim Turner, Rep. Brent and Harrow Green Party
Tony Ormonde, Member. UNISON
Jim Hiom, Secretary. GMB Milton Keynes City Branch
Matthew Stiles, Other. Labour Party and UNISON (personal capacity)
Tony Haines, Councillor. Independent, Slough Borough Council
George & Clair Duncan, Secretary. Swindon Tenants ans Residents Federation
John Kennedy, Chair. Styles House Residents Association
Norman Brackenridge, Secretary. West Midlands County Association of Trades Union C
Lesley Fox, Member. Templar House Gardening Project
Tony Richardson, CommitteMember. Masbrough T.A.R.A. Rotherham
Gerry Mooney, Member. Scottish Socialist Party
Rob murphy, .
danny oates, Member. D.L.O Barnsley
Jennie Twydell, Secretary. MSF London Region
Margaret Riseborough, Member. Broad Left Against Blairism Election Agent Bradfor
Eileen Allen, .
Veronica Rose, .
Margaret Riseborough, Member. Broad Left Against Blairism Election Agent Bradfor
Margaret Riseborough, Member. Broad Left Against Blairism Election Agent Bradfor
Ron Lay, Member. Proposed group in Harwich Essex
Stuart Blyth, Member.
Huw Corfield, Member. Torfaen Federation of Tenants' & Residents' Associ
simon trevan, Steward. unison
paul leader, Member. Terrington st Clement Residents Association
jamie james, CommitteMember. caradon tenants' forum
Jane Briginshaw, Councillor. Labour
Neil Scarr, .
David Milsom, Member. Sheffield Socialist Party
Deborah McManamon, Member. T&G
tony dunworth, Member. glas ltd
Gary Daniels, Member.
Majella O'Brien, .
Eccles Paul, Member. York Socialist Alliance
Rob Cope, Member.
Davies Mike, CommitteMember. Leeds Left Alliance
Nick Stevenson, Member. MA Research Student
Jock Coats, Councillor. Oxford East Liberal Democrats
Peter Huyton, Tenant. tenant
Terence Edwards, Chair. Home/Office
David Webb, .
vernon yarker, Member. TAP (Tenants Against Privatisation) Chelmsford
Sid Hall, Member. Balby West Tenants Assoc
John McDermott, Convenor. Unison
Elson William, Member. tenants against privatisation
Sarah Margetts, Member. Oxford City Councillor for East Ward
Stephen Bartley, Rep. Wales Green Party Plaid Werdd
Louise Thompson, CommitteMember. Oak Hill TRA
linda poll, Member. north lynn action group
John Cooke, Councillor. Berechurch Branch Labour Party
brian wilson, Member. sheffield defend council housing
Lynda Holroyd, Member. KFTRA committee member
Chris Duncan, Member. Council Tenant
Neil Rhodes, Member. Unison
Ray McHale, Steward. Cheshire UNISON
Andy Barber, Member. Broomleigh Housing Association
Dorothy Baker, .
Pauline Bailey, Member. UNISON Leeds Local Government
Geoff Brightman, Chair. Shirehampton Area Housing Committee (Bristol)
Jonathan Roberts, Member. Bradford Community Broadcasting`
Lisa Arai, Rep. Aubert Court T&RA (Islington)
Mark Blackburn, Councillor. Bradford Council
Simon Foster, Councillor. Bridgend C B C
Pauline Thomson, Member. Scottish Socialist Party
Robin Horsell, Chair. Alberta TRA
John Gray, Steward. LBC Tower Hamlets UNISON
Des Moffatt, Member. Individual
John Brookes, Member.
Rick Harley, Secretary. Cummings Estate TRA
Gareth Gwynne, CommitteMember. Pimlico Village Housing Co-Operative
Will Elliott, CommitteMember. Lochside Tenants & Residents Association
Sheila Bailey, Member. Stockport Labour Group
Jason Maycock, Member. Milton Keynes Council
Jason Maycock, Member. Milton Keynes Council
Jennifer Senfield, Member. University of Strathclyde
Suzanne Williams, Secretary. Unison Ipswich Branch
Mary Callan, Member.
David Kelly, Member.
Lee Lockwood, Member. Stonecliffe Residents Association
john malcolm, Steward. unison
Kevin Bradbury, Member. Leeds City Council
Marcus Brain, Chair. Fox Hollies Labour Party
kim crithcley, Member. city of york council
Steve Godward, Member. Erdington Socialist Alliance
Maggie Falshaw, Member. Socialist Alliance
Pamela Thurston, Secretary. Unison - Kettering Local Govt. branch
justine Gordon-Smith, CommitteMember. Ilex House Tanants and Residents Association
John Tollick, Member. Pontefract and Castleford Socialist Alliance
roger Grigg, Secretary. Kirklees Unison
alasdair smith, Member. Islington SWP
Carl Bennett, Chair. Durham Resistance
Barbara Hiom, Member. Unison
Andrew Brown, Member. NIHHA
Anthony Richardson, Member.
clive peace, Secretary. T.A.P.
Peter Morton, Member. Council House Resident
Paresh Patel, Member.
bob stevens, Member. sos save our streets unoficial
miriam david, Member. aut
Jim McKeefery, Member. S.L.D.C. Tenants Committee
Simon Sobrero, CommitteMember. Bentley House T.A.R.A. Manchester
Chris Gilbert, Steward. Unison (Brighton & Hove branch)(& Brighton & Hove
MINA Housing Co-op, Member. Housing Co-operative
Ed Sweetman, Rep. The Quest Trust
hilary peat, Chair. salford peoples forum
Dave Sutton, Steward. South Gloucestershire Unison
Tim Banham, Member. Labour Party
Phil Cockayne, Member. Oxford East Liberal Democrats/Oxford City Council
David Ralph, Councillor.
Paul Farmer, Member.
Jane Erin, Member. North Hangleton Residents Association
Simon Rouse, Member. Individual
richard earp, Member. policy student
kevin morley, Member. usdaw branch sec. k151
Derek Quinn, .
graeme keir, Member.
Denis Knowles, Councillor. Labour Party (Metropolitan Borough of Wirral)
Danny Considine, Member. Labour Party
, Member. RoFTRA
Majella O'Brien, .
Derek Brown, .
Councillor Lynne Brosnan, Councillor. Councillor Labour Party
Stephen Edwards, Member. Council Tenant
Peter Brierley, .
Christine Bailey, Member. RoFTRA Chair
ANDREW BUTLER, Member. Labour Party
Susan Grumbridge, .
Paul im Thurn, Member. council tenant
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