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Stop privatisation; improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
Join the action as Government stalls on housing
Government are stalled on housing policy including the Housing & Planning Act.
An outline Act was passed in May: it requires further secondary legislation to enforce it. None of this has yet been published, leaving a growing gap to organise resistance.

Spreading opposition to the Act, and political tensions within Government, are encouraging more resistance. The Local Government Association representing Councils across England, is demanding a 'rethink' of the Act's Pay to Stay tenant tax, which they say cannot be implemented by April 2017. Lord Porter, chair of the LGA , publicly demands Councils be allowed to 'resume our role as a major builder of affordable homes.'.
Pressure is showing, as new housing minister Gavin Barwell backs off from the Act's starter homes plans.

To build on the growing opposition, a national Summit against the Housing Act 22 October is drawing wide support from councillors, trade unions and tenant groups. An invitation letter and leaflet are going out in every area.

Campaign meetings at Labour's Liverpool conference include Monday 26th 6pm at the Holiday Inn in Albert Dock with Steve Turner of Unite the Union, councillors and tenants - see leaflet here, and a planned session at the World Transformed event.

Housing campaigners will join a protest at Conservative conference in Birmingham 2 October.

26 September Liverpool Axe the Housing Act meeting at Labour conference -let us know if you can help leaflet from 24-26th at conference.
2 October Birmingham DCH and Axe the Housing Act will be part of a 'housing bloc' protest at the Conservative conference
22 October Axe the Housing Act summit - contact for copies of leaflet

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Housing Act Summit 22 October

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