This press release was issued on 08/07/14

Stop privatisation; improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
Press Statement for release on 08 Jul 2014
Minister Pickles calls council estates 'brownfield' sites
Government Minister Eric Pickles says London council estates are 'brownfield' sites for redevelopment. His department of Communities and Local Government is funding global real estate agents research to support private development of council housing. Pickles supports Savills research which targets existing council estates. The Minister writes: 'this Government believes there is an opportunity to look at a mass regeneration of our existing brownfield estates into new and attractive areas that house more people', in a foreword to a Savills research proposal This aims to 'to determine the true optimal real estate solution for publicly owned housing estates'. Tenants will protest against present demolition threats to homes at 1pm on Thur 10th July at City Hall in London.
Estates in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Southwark, Lambeth, Haringey and others are fighting plans which threaten demolition and private redevelopment replacing estate homes and amenities. Council and housing association tenants are organising across London to fight plans including demolition of good quality structurally sound homes. The protest outside London City Hall at 1pm, will be followed by a meeting with the London Assembly's Housing Committee to demand a halt to demolition and replacing council with unaffordable private housing. Eileen Short, chair of DCH says:
'We need more Council housing, not more private luxury development most people can't afford. Pickles has let slip how his Government sees Council estates as private development opportunities where developers can make a killing.
Tenants are determined to fight demolition, and plans for high-density, rabbit hutch flats and gentrification being promoted by London Boroughs, the Mayor of London and by Government. Tenants, communities, trade unions and Councillors are determined to stop them.'
Tenants and Leaseholders from council and housing association estates across London met on 29 June and agreed to:
campaign together against demolitions
demand the right to really-affordable, decent and secure housing , including in Inner London
No to Gentrification  we demand investment in our homes, as an alternative to demolition
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