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Stop privatisation; improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
New DCH paper demands 'drop the debt'
A new DCH newspaper now out has updates on the fight against privatisation, the Bedroom Tax, and rent rises.
Council tenants face attacks on tenancies, rents and benefits, and threats of privatisation, sell offs and demolition. At the same time a growing housing crisis is sharpening the argument for investment in existing and new council housing.

The underfunded Housing 'self-financing' settlement for Councils in 2012, is already driving rent rises well above inflation, squeezing tenants even harder.
If Government can continue to write off Housing HRA debt for stock transfer, tenants, trade unions and politicians should insist on a similar write-off of debt which has been paid many times over in rent and receipts siphoned off by government. £68 billion of rents and capital receipts has been robbed from Council housing since 1979.

DCH as part of the Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation, supporting the national day of protest 5 April demanding the end of Bed Tax in 2014. This is the day to join or organise protests near you.

Growing numbers of MPs are calling for immediate suspension  see EDM 662.
A protest and lobby at parliament planned for 21 March is postponed due to a delay in the next debate on a Bill to abolish Bedroom Tax.

What You Can Do

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Council Housing: Time To Invest

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