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Tenants demand united action to stop benefit cuts
Councils are under increasing pressure, with lobbies, demonstrations and petitions demanding they act to stop benefit cuts forcing tenants out of their homes. Edinburgh is the latest council to say they will not evict tenants in arrears due to the Bedroom Tax, which cuts housing benefit for 'under occupying' - Edinburgh says no evictions. Key tenant organisations now say they will 'support Councils to campaign against the Government's welfare reform, and to join with other councils to make it unworkable.' They 'call on all Councils and other landlords to commit not to evict people in arrears due to these benefit cuts'.
In a joint letter the Welsh Tenants Federation, Kirklees, Blackpool, Leeds and several London Federations also say: 'We will campaign locally and nationally to defeat the Bedroom Tax and other unjust benefit cuts.
They back the Benefit Justice summit 11 May in Central Hall Westminster, to create a united national opposition. See the full letter here The Benefit Justice summit 11 May at Central Hall Westminster will bring together anti Bedroom Tax and other benefit campaigns across Britain, with Welsh Tenants Federation, Billy Hayes CWU union, John McDonnell MP, Disabled People Against Cuts, Chris Baugh PCS, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and other anti Bedroom Tax campaigns. Register at

Campaigners are working with a national newspaper, to produce a map of all the active Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit campaigns. Send details of local groups, with an email or phone contact to be publicised, to Notes
DCH is working with tenants, disabled peoples organisations, benefit campaigners and trade unions, to oppose the Bedroom Tax and other unjust benefit cuts.
see Benefit Justice Summit 2 leaflet here
For updates and to sign up to the Benefit Justice summit see

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