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Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts protests growing
Campaigns against the Bedroom Tax and other benefit cuts are growing. Last weekend 52 protests included around 1,000 in Manchester and Liverpool, with hundreds also protesting in Newcastle, Durham and other cities.
People are encouraged by the first Government concessions (exempting from Bedroom Tax families with adult children in the armed forces, and foster carers). News that Dundee and Brighton Councils have agreed they will not evict tenants due to the Bedroom Tax, is giving confidence to demands for the same from other Councils. This followed the Benefit Justice Summit 9 March, which drew 200 tenants, disabled peoples' campaigns, trade unions and other anti-benefit cuts groups to launch a united Benefit Justice campaign. See and sign the Benefit Justice statement here. Robert Buckley, Chair of Newcastle Tenants Federation poured scorn on the Bedroom Tax and described how benefit cuts will devastate the local economy. Bedroom tax campaign groups including Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Crawley, Swindon and London shared ideas with Unite Community, Bakers and PCS union speakers.
Action plans include further protests against the bedroom tax on 30th March, 20th March Budget Day and PCS strikes, 18-24th March Boycott Workfare action. Local and regional Benefit Justice summits and meetings will help to unite our forces, develop confidence to resist any evictions of those in arrears due to benefit cuts. This Wednesday 20th sees Budget Day protests by trade unions including PCS, with Benefit Justice campaigners:
opposite Parliament 12-2pm at Old Palace Yard and
5.30pm march from Strand to Downing Street. Notes
Defend Council Housing, with Disabled People Against Cuts, Right to Work, tenants groups and campaigns, Unite and PCS trade unions and MPs, backed a united Benefit Justice campaign - see
A second national summit will be held 11 May in central London.
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