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Stop privatisation; improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
No means test for Council Housing
Housing Minister Grant Shapps is proposing reintroduction of the hated means test and two-tier rents. This attack on the principle of council housing for all, is based on lies and hypocricy.
While Government attacks housing benefit, rents and tenancies, Council tenants are robbed, not subsidised. Government siphoned £2 billion out of our rents last year; more public money goes to subsidise mortgages than into council house building.

Tenants demand one fair rent for all, and a new generation of secure and genuinely affordable council housing to create desperately needed homes. Instead the Government's proposed means test will make council housing more stigmatised and poverty-trapped.
This is part of a sustained attack on tenants' rights, forcing more into the private sector and increasing homelessness and waiting lists. Tenants, trade unions, politicians and campaigners are building the campaign at conferences over the summer and meeting on 30 June in Sheffield to work out the next steps in the campaign for the homes we need. Help leaflet at:
Unison conference Bournemouth Tue 19th from 9am
Unite the Resistance conference Sat 23rd June London
Unite trade union 26-27 June Brighton
To help email or call Eileen 07432 098440
National meeting 12-4pm Sat 30 June in Sheffield Trades and Labour Club 200 Duke St, S2 5QQ. To book a £35 return train ticket from London contact by Wed 20th June. Latest Housing Emergency Briefing to download and copy here
Or sign and circulate the Housing emergency statement online here

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