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Stop privatisation; improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
TUC Join Tenants to demand Council Housing
With house building at record lows and homelessness rising fast, DCH and Housing Emergency are meeting in London during TUC Congress to co-ordinate a campaign against Government attacks on tenancies, rents and benefits and for mass building of new council housing.
The meeting is on 13 Sept 6pm at St George's Church, Little Russell St WC1 Speakers include Nicola Smith TUC, Gail Cartmail Unite, Shelter, Unison, UCATT, Austin Mitchell MP, Eileen Short DCH and Owen Jones author of Chavs: the Demonisation of the Working Class.
Public land must be used to build public housing with really affordable rents, secure life-time tenancies and accountable landlords. This is not subsidised or second class housing. Existing council tenants have paid for our homes many times over, and created a valuable public asset.
Local campaigners are demanding Councils stop the sell off of land and homes, and stop rubber stamping private developments. Councillors need to reserve this land for public housing, and lead mass local campaigns for the funds to build it.
To win tenants support, we are calling on councillors to reject Localism Bill powers to attack secure tenancies and to reject 80% market rents. They should promise not to evict tenants in arrears due to Housing Benefit (HB) cuts. Every council can also adopt a Tenancy Strategy opposing local landlords' use of fixed-term tenancies and 80% market rents, and opposing evictions due to HB cuts. Come to the meeting in London, and use
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