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Stop privatisation; improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
Local and national campaigns meet 7 May in London
More councils are coming out against fixed term tenancies, as opposition to attacks on secure tenancies grows.

Leeds, Brighton, Sheffield and Norfolk councillors have joined growing numbers committed to maintain secure tenancies. Lobby your Council using our Action Points (below).

Contact your MPs to sign EDM 1389 and oppose Localism Bill clauses that undermine secure tenancies and force through self-financing without adequate funding and guarantees.

All DCH supporters are invited to a national meeting to organise the next steps in the campaign against the Localism Bill, further privatisation and attacks on secure tenancies, rents and housing benefit. Self financing reform and threats of further privatisation due to underfunding, will be discussed in detail on Saturday 7th May 12-4pm at Camden Town Hall, Judd St London WC1H 9JE

Hear reports from Vale of Glamorgan on their No vote against stock transfer and other anti-privatisation campaigns.

Action Points for a joint campaign uniting tenants, trade unions, councillors, MPs and campaigners to:
* Defend security of tenure for existing and future tenants
* Resist and campaign against the cuts in housing benefit; we will not implement cuts in HB where this is under local control, and promise not to evict tenants who get behind with their rent as a result of the new cuts in housing benefit
* Shortage of housing is a result of underinvestment, and failure to build - it is not caused by existing tenants of whatever race or religion. Immigration is not the problem
* We need regulation to control private sector rents
* Campaign for a programme of investment in new and improved council house building

Supported by: Ken Livingstone; Councillor Catherine West leader Islington Council; Councillor Phil Waker, Barking & Dagenham Council lead member for housing; Jenny Jones, Green Party London Assembly member and 100-strong meeting of tenants at House of Commons 18th October 2010

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