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Memorial to Alan Walter

Tributes to Alan

More tributes are pouring in than we have room for - here are some extracts:

"Council Housing has lost a towering strength today…" Meric Apak, Chair, Camden Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations

"can I just say how deeply saddened I was to hear of Alan's tragic death. He was an extraordinary campaigner - it is truly dreadful news" Jon Cruddas MP

"In my experience Alan was a unique combination of the cantankerous with the diplomatic, who achieved so much and yet took so little credit for himself. He will be sorely missed by many, not least in our UNISON branch in Camden." George Binette Camden UNISON convenor, Central Services Chair, Camden Trades Council

"Our thoughts are with Alan's friends and family at this difficult time. PCS will be eternally grateful for the selfless commitment Alan gave to the cause of council housing. His efforts and achievements will remain an inspiration to those of us who will continue the fight to defend public services." Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary

"Alan was such a larger than life character and someone totally committed to what he believed in. He was a terrific organiser who has left a huge legacy in what he achieved with DCH. He kept the notion of council housing alive when the vast majority had confined it to the dustbin of history. Alan was someone who I viewed as a friend and confidant, he was someone who could take hugely complex issues and explain them in terms that most people could then understand…" Paul O'Brien, Chief Executive, Association of Public Service Excellence

"Many tears are being shed in sheer shock and grief for the sheer loss of his presence. He will leave an incredible legacy and he will be with us all - sitting by our shoulder when we will need to ask ' Alan would've expected x or y to be done '… A long road ahead for us all …" Cathy Pound and Ben Wallis, Camden DCH

"Here was a man who had such conviction and strength, giving so much to the cause for the benefit of others yet intensely sincere and modest. I have wonderful memories of Alan's commitment, help and support that he and his comrades in DCH gave to the fight to retain council homes in Castle Point and to me personally in opposing my own government's policy on housing." Lorna Trollope

"I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the family and friends that Alan Walter left. I feel for them as Alan was a character and will be really be missed." Omar Yusuf, Somali Community Centre

"Speaking for myself I have never know a more genuine person, who worked for the good of the council tenants cause, not for self glory, but for what he could do for others. It is for this reason TACT at Winchester will endeavour to fight our corner in his memory, to achieve the outcome he was seeking. He was a true friend and inspiration to us all we will miss him, but never forget him." Alan Rickman

"He put so much effort, work, principled arguments, diplomacy, skill, and tenacity into the campaign - everything that has kept the campaign on track." Carrie Hedderwick - Sheffield Unison

"Alan was a good friend and one of the best comrades I have ever worked with. I will remember him all my life." Mukul Hira

"We at UNISON are shocked and saddened by Alan's sudden death.. Despite our occasional differences over policy, we appreciated greatly Alan's commitment and unstinting efforts on behalf of tenants and the homeless." Heather Wakefield

"I knew him through the help he gave me and the council tenants of Mid Devon in 2005/06 when our stock was to be transferred. He was so knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble. He was an enormous help and without his advice and support I very much doubt we would have won the tenants ballot so convincingly." David Nation, Leader, Mid Devon DC Liberal Democrat Group

"When I was sacked last year, Alan Walter didn't hang around for the official petition. We didn't have the same employer, but we were in the same union branch. Neither of these facts were relevant to him. There was someone trying to organise workers that had been victimised - that was sufficient for him to type up his own statement, get his fellow workers to sign it and fire it off to my employer…Frequently during the campaign, he would call to see how I was, have a chat about the next steps and 'oh and by the way - I raised it with such and such an MP, spoke to this trades council chair and emailed that CWU rep' before apologising that he had to dash off to another corner of the country to speak at a DCH meeting." Pat Carmody, CWU P&B Section Secretary

"Alan was a remarkable political leader but also a great friend. Over the 20 or so years I knew him, I repeatedly sought his advice and not just on political matters. His door was always open and his phone always answered when I needed it. Alan had a certain political genius which enabled him to grasp very quickly the key issues…" Alasdair

"…he was someone I was warned against. I found Alan's arguments made sense and often gave meetings a purpose and direction that no one else could. He cut through the crap, and I warmed to him, and thought that the warnings I'd been given were groundless. Alan was essential to the attempt to hold councillors and council officials to account, and his political antenna always knew when tenants were being hoodwinked by Government and Camden council. The tenant movement has been dealt a heavy heavy blow…" Joseph Jones

"The news of Alan's death is breathtakingly awful. I only reached the e-mail this morning, and am struggling to imagine life without this wonderful comrade…" Penny Abraham (Cllr), Camden Labour Group Secretary

"I know that I can speak without the benefit of an Executive Committee decision when I say how shocked and saddened I am to hear of Alan's death. His knowledge and commitment was central to DCH's work, and to drawing in the support of the labour and trades union movement for this vital issue." Megan Dobney SERTUC Regional Secretary

"I was shocked to hear the news about Alan, as you know Alan, Alf Chandler and myself worked closely together on the daylight robbery campaign in the early years, we might not always have seen eye to eye, but my federation wishes to extend its condolences" Frank, BATRA

"Alan Walter dedicated his life to campaigning for others as a socialist, a trade unionist and as a spokesperson for tenants and the housing movement in this country. He worked tirelessly and selflessly over many years to create a national tenants' movement to promote social housing. Alan won the admiration and affection of all of us who worked with him and he won the respect of all those he dealt with including many many MPs, Ministers, trade union leaders, housing specialists and of course tenants themselves. Let our commemoration of Alan be the determined renewal of our commitment to his campaign for decent housing for all in our country". John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair

"As a newcomer to campaigning, I found Alan very helpful and supportive. Our Council is currently 'consulting' with a view to balloting its tenants on Stock Transfer and we will miss his thoughtful guidance." Rita Leech, Chair, Kingston Housing Campaign

"On behalf of the Welsh Valleys branch of the CWU and myself I would wish to offer our condolences on the sudden death of our friend and comrade Alan Walters… I personally worked with Alan as a CWU rep and he always did his best to represent his members and even as late as last week he was emailing HO to raise issues with regard to his team. Alan will be missed both as a community and trade union activist." Bernard Roome, Branch Secretary, The Welsh Valleys Branch, NEC Member CWU

"Alan's death is a great shock, he was an inspiration to us all, in his memory we need to make sure the campaign continues and succeeds. We will truly miss him, we have lost a great man." Janette & Eamonn Bobey, Milton Keynes DCH

"He lived believing in council housing it's our jobs to make sure the messages are continued and the changes are made in his memory" All at NEWHAM TENANTS AND RESIDENTS FEDERATION

"Alan embodied the concept of non-sectarian political struggle; a faculty which undoubtedly has made DCH one of the few single issue organisations to have a major national impact over a number of years." John Calderon, former chair, Federation of Hackney Tenants and Residents Associations

"Gwynedd Defend Council Housing are deeply shocked and saddened at this tragic news. Alan has been working so very hard to help us and we would like to offer our condolences to his family, friends and comrades - a great socialist and a selfish tireless worker for justice and democracy - a great man." Glenys Davies, Gwynedd DCH

"he managed to combine being a straightforward, ordinary bloke with being an inspirational force…I regarded him a bit like a big brother, who you would turn to every so often for encouragement and advice. We will all miss him terribly, but must try and carry on and fight the good fight as he did." John Marais

"Our family was really shocked to hear of the terribly tragic news about Alan. He was such a wonderful man. Not only a warm and friendly person - I had so many conversations with him about back problems! - but what a model of a comrade…. It wasn't just council housing, it was also a range of other issues like play and youth opportunities. I know he will be sorely missed by comrades, and also by the community in Camden." Shirley Franklin

"…he was a great help and inspiration to me in setting up DCH Brighton & Hove. He supported us tirelessly and came down to Brighton several times over the years. He led by example and despite his own massively important role and the long hours he must have worked, he was never too tired or too busy to talk…" Ruth Arundell (former chair, DCH in Brighton & Hove)

"Unite will formally write to express our union's condolences. In the meantime I would like to extend my deepest sympathy - Alan was a wonderful comrade and the epitome of a principled activist. As importantly Alan was a lovely man whose humour and generosity of spirit was a real asset and valued by many." Gail Cartmail, Assistant General Secretary, Unite

"We were very sad to receive the news of Alan's death last night. As the chair of DCH, he was an inspirational leader, passionate, committed and resolute on the cause he loved so much. While we had different views concerning how investment in social housing provision should be achieved, here in Wales, we were united on one issue, that is, that every person has a right to an accessible, decent, affordable home…." Steve Clarke, Policy & Projects Coordinator, Welsh Tenants Federation

"The Socialist Labour Party was very sad to hear of the passing of DCH chair Alan Walter and wishes to send its sincere condolences to his family and colleagues. We deeply appreciated the commitment that Alan portrayed and he shall be sadly missed." Ian Johnson, SLP, General Secretary

"I was very sorry to hear of Alan's untimely death. He was a tenacious, intelligent, level-headed campaigner and a mine of helpful information…" Tim Minogue, Private Eye magazine

"A man of high integrity he lead his boiler maker colleagues in some difficult times against Camden Council. A loss to progressives everywhere." Eddy Coulson

"This is desperately sad news. Please pass on my condolences to Alan's family and colleagues" Dave Anderson, MP for Blaydon

"I was working at UCATT around the beginning of the Defend Council Housing Campaign, and had an insight into just how dedicated a campaigner he was. He often rang the research department and as the person who got to answer those calls, I was also equally impressed by his sense of humour. A true fighter with so much to be proud of." Margaret Sharkey, London Hazards Advice Worker

"Coventry And Warwickshire Socialist Alliance would like to express its deep regret at the passing away of Alan Walter at the weekend. Alan was a class fighter in the true meaning of the word, and his work for defend council housing was exemplary…" Pete McLaren, Convenor, Coventry And Warwickshire SA

"Everyone at Edinburgh Tenants Federation is greatly saddened to learn of the death of Alan Walter…We must all continue our efforts to ensure the successful completion of the campaign he was part of initiating and to which he dedicated so much energy and passion." Raymond Pringle, Edinburgh Tenants Federation

"Sad and shocked to hear of Alan's death. I always admired his energy, enthusiasm and staying power." Tara Mann, Council tenant, South Kilburn Estate

"Alan had that rare but crucial ability of combining theory with practice to get the best outcome in a campaign. There is such logic to the DCH campaign that even if you don't support it for political reasons, it is very difficult to argue against it…I liked him most of all because of his innate human qualities - he cared about other people and did his best to help others in very practical ways. " Gary Heather

"On behalf of the Green Party Trade Union Group I would like send our condolences on the death of Alan Walter. He has been a determined campaigner for affordable public housing in very difficult times. This is a cause which GPTU fully supports. Alan's hard work and dedication will be sorely missed." P.Murry, Secretary, GPTU

"Alan loved his family and often talked about how bright his son is and how much more he knew compared to himself, he was very proud of his achievements…Alan was a very very special guy with an enormous heart who always made time for others. He was more than a developer and union rep, and was very trustworthy and a reliable guy and will be truly missed by all who knew him. He was a very open and honest friend and colleague and was the backbone of our office. He was one in a million if not billion. It makes me proud to have known Alan and honoured our paths crossed." Connie

"I am saddened to learn of Alan's death and feel bereft on behalf of the thousands of council tenants for whose lives he made a difference. Alan was not only a tireless campaigner but undauntable, and a great human being." Paul Mason, Economics Editor, BBC Newsnight

"Alan was no mean fighter. Irreplaceable. In the words of Bruce Sringsteen: 'When they built you, brother, they broke the mold.' Thanks, Alan." Ken Muller

"Alan was such a knowledgeable, committed and determined advocate for the case of local authority housing. Sadly I had just invited Alan to Stroud to talk to District Council tenants to deal with some of the myths and misinterpretations of current policy and what needs to be done to secure the future of council housing. I don't know of anyone who can fill his shoes. I have been proud to call Alan a friend and he will always remain so. I shall really miss him." David Drew, Labour & Co-operative MP for Stroud

"…a fabulous and inspiring speaker. He designed posters for us and helped at street level, with his car being taped up with posters and speakers, the paint came off the bonnet but he didn't mind! I remember him holding my daughter at a meeting in Bethnal Green when she was a baby; she looked so safe in his big arms." Lene Milaa, Tower Hamlets Against Transfer of Council Housing

"I am in total shock to learn of the passing of Alan Walter. He was so passionate in his beliefs and a voice for the less knowledgeable and articulate in relation to Camden Council policies and its tenants - who will speak for them now? Kentish Town DMC has lost its Champion, its Defender of justice and truth - he is irreplaceable and our meetings will never be the same again." Sabina Williams, DMC Rep, Charlton Kings TA

"Alan was non-sectarian in the way he built the campaign - involving councillors, union bureaucrats, M.P.s and many others (not all of whom would consider themselves his natural political allies) in creating a strong and powerful voice in defence of publicly owned housing…It would be a fitting tribute if various councils build new homes called ALAN WALTER COURT / HOUSE / MANSIONS!" Keith Veness

"Heart felt sympathy to Alan's family and close friends" The United Socialist Party

"…he gave a lot of personal help to a friend of mine (Pat Rowe of Somerset County UNISON) when she ran a successful local Defend Council Housing campaign. I send messages of support and best wishes for his friends and family from Somerset County UNISON and Taunton Trades Union Council" Belinda Burton, Chair of Taunton Trades Union Council

"The tragic news was all the more shocking to those of us who only a couple of weeks ago were enjoying a drink with Alan after another of his inspirational and informative speeches at the Cambridge Trades Council - given kneeling on the floor, whilst in agony with a bad back. Typically, he was keen to offer all the help he could with our current battle…Our greatest tribute to Alan will be to work all the harder to win a resounding NO to privatisation in our forthcoming ballot in South Cambs - if we do, I will have no hesitation in dedicating victory to the memory of Alan Walter, a great campaigner and an immensely talented, but humble human being." Dave Kelleway, Chairman, South Cambs Against Transfer

"Defend Council Housing became the force it is because of the stewardship of Alan…Tenants drew strength from his support and saw they could win the argument 'direct funding for Council Housing', not 'transfer or no repairs'." Wilf Flynn, UCATT Executive Council Member, Northern Region

"We are so sorry to hear of Alan's death, he will be much missed by everyone who knew him. With best wishes from us all at Bookmarks the socialist bookshop"

"As someone who chaired the campaign in the Highlands against housing stock transfer I was very sorry to hear of the death of Alan Walter, without his assistance and the assistance of Defend Council Housing we would have been struggling to mount an effective campaign against HST in the Highlands." Donnie Kerr

"It was sad to learn that such a strong figure is no longer with us." Tim, Unison member, Penzance

"the DCH campaign is just one example of the way he worked across divides but always with principle, to bring people together to build a real movement. When we were trying to stop the ALMO in Newham, Alan never failed to support our union branch with advice and endless facts and, most of all, with optimism. Personally I loved his slow smile and quiet ways. He was always approachable and always patient." Elane Heffernan

"So shocked to hear about Alan. He was a good friend… He was also a good friend of Bangladeshi community in Camden. Many people from the community knew him as 'Someone always on their side.'" Belal Ahmed

"Our Estate's Management Board Committee members met on Tuesday and we are all very saddened at Alan's death... We all wish to note our respect for and appreciation of Alan's herculean work for council housing…" Maiden Lane EMB committee

"What can I say? I really believed in him." Lenny Rodgie, Delancey Studios TRA

"Campaigners in Crawley were devastated to learn of the loss of Alan Walter. It is testament to Alan that Defend Council Housing has come so far on many key issues and it is extremely sad that Alan did not live to enjoy the benefits of his dedication." Martin Ballard, Secretary, Crawley DCH

"He was one of the warmest men I've ever met and I'm very proud he chose to befriend me. He helped me in every way, with ideas, with up-to-date news and with solid gold support during our campaign to keep our council houses within Bolsover District Council - and we did. He also helped me to be a better Councillor for Respect than I would have been without his constant, consistent advice and caring. He was a lovely man and I respected his politics and his integrity. To me he was more than Mister Council Housing he was Mister United Front and I shall never forget him." Ray Holmes

"I learnt some political lessons from Alan and one very personal one. I used to think that I had a bad back; I learnt from him what a back problem really is. Some years ago when DCH's resources were at a low ebb, I helped with typesetting a couple of issues of the DCH broadsheet. It didn't go well and Alan used to have to come half way across London to work on editing and refitting copy. One night, he worked through till 5am, then slept on a hard floor (out of preference) for a couple of hours before getting into work the next morning. This was, of course, on top of all the campaigning work he did." Mike Barton, Waltham Forest Trades Council

"…it will not be the same attending conferences without seeing Alan leafleting at the entrance… " Maureen Bowen, Councillor for Highfields/Western Downs, Stafford BC

"How sad that a man so full of vitality and prepared to fight for what is right should die so suddenly." Brenda Johnson, UNISON secretary South Kesteven D.C.

"Alan was a friend and immense inspiration to us over the years that we knew him. He showed how to be single minded in achieving his goals without being tempted by reward whilst retaining his integrity. He never spoke ill about anyone who opposed his views and stood firmly by his democratic beliefs in the service of others. Alan will always be remembered as an extraordinary person with the energy, drive and intelligence of a very special human being." David Rodgers and Petra Dando

"He was never scared of an argument and I always thought when listening to him- I am glad he is on our side not theirs." Sally Kincaid, Leeds

"I only met Joe once and Alan introduced me as his 'right-hand man'. It would have felt a privilege if all I had been able to do was carry his bag." James Carty

"I worked closely with Alan in the Campaign Against a Criminal Trespass Law in the late '70s, when we were both cutting our teeth in such work. He was an endlessly inventive, tireless and quite indomitable comrade and an inspiration to all who faltered in the task. More recently I have observed his work with DCH with deep respect and awe." Stephen Barran

"I was Alan's friend when we were 13/14 years old. We sat together in school, and both loved music, going to many gigs together .... He, even then, organised the NUSS branch at school and was passionate and political... I think Alan influenced me to be a socialist and activist too all my life." Simon Lynn

"We have worked with Alan in his campaigns to change Labour party policy on council housing via the Conference and the NPF. We have always been amazed and inspired by the drive, energy and commitment he dedicated to the campaign. Sometimes it was tough keeping up with his pace but knowing how hard he worked always kept us engaged and determined to rise to the challenge." David Hide and Carol Hayton

"I was deeply shocked to hear of Alan's death. He was a tremendous fighter for the retention and expansion of Council housing...On a lighter note; I was often mistaken for Alan and received a number of requests to speak on housing issues at various venues across the country. I must say it was a privilege to be mistaken for Alan." Alan Waters, Norwich City Councillor (and Council tenant)

"I never met anyone so dedicated to so good a cause and so selfless in everything he did to try to improve housing opportunities for poorer and more vulnerable people. He was a great organiser and a very able analyst of what is going on...He will be sorely missed but those of us who share his commitment will just have to get together and make sure that the foundations he laid are built upon." Peter Ambrose, Visiting Professor in Housing Studies, Brighton University

"Alan supported the anti-stock transfer campaigns here in Scotland and came up several times to talk at conferences and other gatherings, notably an STO conference in Edinburgh just before the historic No vote. There was always admiration for the vigorous work he put in on behalf of tenants and the tenants movement. He will be badly missed." John Carracher, Convenor, Scottish Tenants Organisation

"The Committee of Birmingham Defend Council Housing wish to extend their sincere and heartfelt sympathy to Alan's family at their sad loss. He will be greatly missed by all people involved in Defending the rights for Council housing everywhere. Rest assured that we in Birmingham will do everything to continue the campaign until victory is achieved. we feel there can be no better memorial to Alan than this." Frank Chance, Chair, BDCH

"He'll be sadly missed by all who knew him. He'll be remembered for all the good work he did for what he believed in." Cllr Margaret Wilkinson, Vale of Glamorgan

"Gravesham CLP were shocked and saddened to hear of the untimely death of Alan… We had good reason to be grateful to DCH and Alan in particular for their support and advice during our Stock Transfer Campaign where we achieved an 86% vote in favour of remaining with the Local Authority. We also remember Alan's unfailing asistance to our Labour Party Conference Delegates and pay tribute to his tireless efforts on behalf of tenants everywhere." Jean Christie, Chair, Gravesham CLP

"The Federation of Islington Tenants Associations sends sincere condolences over the sad death of Alan Walters; all of us at the federation, who were lucky enough to meet him, endorse the fact that he will be sorely missed for his genuine commitment to defending council housing." Dr. Brian Potter, Chair, FITA

"What a loss, for DCH and all who were inspired by Alan, and for the global movement as well! I know how important Alan was to all of you who knew him well, and his visionary leadership role at DCH and the broader movement for social justice in the UK. I vividly remember my encounters with Alan and always came away challenged and inspired." Michael Kane, Save Our Homes (USA)

"I send condolences from all at Crewe & District Trades Union Council…We will keep fighting for a better world." Nina Hammill, Secretary, Crewe & District Trades Council

"The Tenants Movement will not seem the same without him at the helm steering us through the storms. We will all miss him at the DCH meetings, as he always managed to keep them focused and us as well." Mike Cookson-Taylor, Chair, Camden Association of Street Properties

"Alan was an undisputed champion in relation to campaigning for the rights of council tenants everywhere and like everyone I am still reeling from the announcement. Where others threw the towel in Alan stood firm" Su Adams

"He spoke up and seemed to be everywhere...You expected Alan to 'be there' and so the shock of him going is not just because of its suddenness or his young age." Kathleen O'Donoghue

DCH is mourning the death of chair Alan Walter

Alan died suddenly from a suspected massive heart attack at his home on Saturday 7th March.
Alan, a council tenant in Camden, was there at the start of the DCH campaign in 1997. It has been a collective effort of many, and Alan played down his individual selfless efforts, but he inspired and led in a way that contributed the binding glue of this collective.
Alan leaves a family and many friends and comrades who will miss him deeply. To send messages of support and condolence to the campaign and his family email
Alan Walter memorial card
Memorial Service

Alan's memorial service was held on Monday 16th March - you can watch it on YouTube.
You can also download the memorial card produced by his family (right) and the cartoon (see below).
Alan Walter memorial cartoon

Tenants, trade unionists, councillors, and MPs pay tribute to Alan…

"In the 1990s there was a common 'put down' to anyone fighting off the privatisation of their council housing - "You won't win you know. There's no point in winning on one estate, you need to win across the country and change government policy". Luckily for the tenant's movement there was someone who understood that all too well, someone who was well on the way to formulating the campaign structures and ideas that were needed to bring about a national campaign that would change not only government policies, but the expectations of those who fought alongside him in DCH. His name was Alan Walter.
To the fledgling tenant's movement he brought a political acumen second to none. He understood it was not enough just to want to change the world, you needed to understand it before you could start to change it. He understood each of our actions would have an immediate reaction from the privateers, and he managed to remain one step ahead of them at each and every turn. He understood unity among tenants was key and had an almost magical ability to diffuse a conflict before it became an impediment. For him, inclusive campaigning wasn't a PC cliché but a real political project. For us it meant that we weren't left fighting alone in Hackney and Tower Hamlets, but standing shoulder to shoulder with tenants from Penzance to Aberdeen. Without his guidance it is doubtful that the tenant's fightback would ever have made it off the estates and into the corridors of power."
Mark Weeks & Nick Strauss (founder DCH campaigners)

"I wanted to send a personal message to say how shocked and sorry I was to hear of Alan's death. He was such a warm and decent man… Of course, Alan will be known best for his steadfast campaigning on council housing - but his strong commitment to the broader goal of creating a more equal and compassionate world was a measure of the man too. We've lost a true warrior for justice and, as your message rightly said, the best way to show our respects is to continue the campaign."
Frances (Deputy General Secretary, TUC)

"My sincere condolences and that of my family to Alan's family on his sad and sudden death. He was a great fighter all his short life for socialism; for the fight against capitalism; for council housing and the rights of all men and women. He will be sorely missed and although words are of little comfort at a time like this my thoughts are with Alan's family and may he rest in peace. Farewell, comrade..."
Roger Robinson (Cllr, St Pancras and Somers Town Ward, London Borough of Camden)

Early Day Motion 1050
"That this House regrets the sudden death of Alan Walter, a tireless campaigner for council housing and council tenants who brought tenants, trades unions, and councillors together to fight and defeat, the pernicious system by which poor council tenants were forced to pay the housing benefit of the poorest tenants known as Daylight Robbery; recognises that he also established the organisation Defend Council Housing in order to oppose privatisation and to stop the Government taking billions of pounds from the housing revenue accounts and to urge on it a big building programme of a new generation of secure, modern and accountable council housing; and feels that although Alan did not live to see it, the Government should now embark on and finance the big building programme that the nation needs and to which Alan dedicated his life."
Austin Mitchell MP (Chair, House of Commons Council Housing Group)

Alan with Jean Kysow

Alan with founder DCH campaigner Jean Kysow

Alan celebrating with Camden DCH campaigners following No Vote

Alan celebrating with Camden DCH campaigners following No Vote

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