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Three Questions
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Do you oppose proposals from the Chartered Institute of Housing to introduce means testing and scrap council secure tenancies, stigmatising council tenancies as housing of last resort and forcing tenants whose circumstances improve into either home ownership or paying market rents? Yes / No
Do you want the 'Review of Council Housing Finance' to recommend that government fully fund allowances for the management, maintenance and repair of council housing and provide a level playing field on gap funding and debt write-off to enable all councils to modernise and improve homes and secure the long-term future for council housing? Yes / No
Do you support the call for government to build a new generation of first class council housing providing secure tenancies, low rents and a directly elected and accountable landlord to open up council housing once again as a tenure of choice providing mixed and sustainable communities and an alternative to the private housing market? Yes / No
Please let DCH know what is happening in your area, what you think the campaign should be doing and how you can help...
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